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SiteMinder Hotel App Store was launched to allow hotels to seamlessly connect to over 100 applications – including revenue management, upselling, CRM, guest messaging, guest review management, etc.

From the beginning, we have been working closely with SiteMinder and now KAI is proud to be one of many Apps in the SiteMinder Hotel App Store. As a Certified SiteMinder Hotel App, there are over 30+ PMS including SiteMinder’s Channel Manager we are able to connect to. See our full list of integrations partners.

Hotel’s today can now fully leverage their reservation data sitting in their PMS or Channel Manager to their fullest potential. KAI allows your hotel to maximise your reservation data to upsell to your pre-arrival and in-house guests to increase upsell revenue and guest experience. With a seamless connection, the upselling process is fully automated and personalised for each individual guest. This results in a higher upsell conversion and savings on staff cost.

Find out how much potential upsell revenue and savings on staff cost your hotel can achieve using our upsell calculator.

Still unsure about how KAI can help you supercharge your hotel’s upsell strategy? See how it works.

About KAI

In the current landscape of the hotel industry, guests seek a distinct and tailor-made experience. The suite of guest experience solutions offered by KAI empowers hotels to redefine their guest experience, boost earnings, optimise marketing efforts and cultivate brand loyalty.

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