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Unlock the potential for creating unforgettable guest impressions with our innovative GEX solution. KAI automates the delivery of personalised guest communications at the most opportune moments.

Powered by data-driven insights and AI technology, our solution empowers hotels to engage guests like never before, orchestrating personalised experiences for each and every guest.

End-to-end Marketing

End-to-end Marketing

Send relevant and personalised guest communications throughout the entire guest journey from pre-arrival to post stay and beyond.

Solution - Automate guest engagement with personalised email marketing to drive engagement and increase upsell ancillary revenue

Guest Engagement

Our cutting-edge solution automates the delivery of highly personalised guest communications and tailored upsell offers, redefining the way you connect with your guests.

This level of automation not only simplifies your operations but also elevates guest satisfaction and boost total guest revenue. Deliver unforgettable guest experiences through the power of automated guest engagement.

Marketing CRM

Our Marketing CRM allows you to streamline your marketing strategies, resulting in highly targeted and deeply personalised guest communication. This refined approach not only enhances your guests' experience but also propels your hotel's performance.

By tapping into data-driven insights and innovative technologies, you'll engage guests like never before, creating connections that resonate. This level of personalisation translates into increased direct bookings, as well as strengthened guest loyalty.

Welcome to a future where your hotel's marketing is finely tuned to inspire and retain guests, ultimately elevating your brand's success.

Solution - Email Marketing CRM to streamline hotel's marketing efforts and drive direct bookings

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