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A hotel’s property management system (PMS) is the core of every hotel, enabling the hotel to manage booking reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room assignments, room rates, room inventory, front-office capabilities and many more.

With the increasing amount of guest data that your hotel puts in your PMS, are you utilising this data to its fullest potential? A simple solution is to integrate your PMS with other solutions to share relevant data in order to automate processes and improve efficiency.

Who do you integrate with?

To answer this question, you first need to know what you want to achieve through this integration. There a few goals you can achieve via PMS integration:

  • Channel Management – By integrating with a channel manager, you can save a lot of time and effort managing your room rates and availability across multiple GDS/OTAs platforms directly within your PMS.
  • Guest Upselling – Integrating your PMS with a Hotel Upsell Tool such as KAI can help hotels increase ancillary revenue and guest experience. Capture the pre-arrival and in-house upsell opportunity via personalised and targeted upselling.
  • Revenue Management – A direct integration with a revenue management system (RMS) can help automate the updating of dynamic pricing in your PMS, yielding more revenue per room. 
  • Spa Management – Integration with a spa management system, your spa bookings and appointments can be synced with your PMS and tagged to the respective reservation and guest profile.

If you are interested in increasing upsell revenue and guest experience through personalised upselling, book a demo with us to find out more.

KAI – Hotel Upsell Tool seamlessly integrates with your PMS/CM directly or through SiteMinder SMX to automate guest upselling.

About KAI

In the current landscape of the hotel industry, guests seek a distinct and tailor-made experience. The suite of guest experience solutions offered by KAI empowers hotels to redefine their guest experience, boost earnings, optimise marketing efforts and cultivate brand loyalty.

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