Empowering Hotels

Using our suite of solutions, we help hotels redefine their guest experience and boost revenue

Who are we?

We are a dedicated team committed to enabling hotels to enhance their core strengths – offering guests an exceptional place to stay and an unforgettable experience.

Recognising that hotels are not inherently technology-focused enterprises, we step in to fill that gap. Our expertise lies in delivering best in class Guest Experience Solutions tailored to elevate the overall guest experience, foster guest loyalty, increase revenue and drive direct bookings for hotels.

Together with hoteliers, we empower them with the essential tools required to successfully achieve their goals.

Our Mission

Enable hotels to increase revenue and guest experience through personalised guest engagement and targeted marketing.

Our Vision

Give hotels the competitive advantage using technology to optimise revenue streams and increase overall guest experience

Our Solutions

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Tailored to address the unique requirements and challenges faced by hoteliers, our solutions leverage the capabilities of data and AI. Our solutions have empowered hotels to emerge as trailblazers in the industry, establishing unprecedented benchmarks in guest satisfaction, marketing efficiency and overall excellence.

Solution - Automate guest engagement with personalised email marketing to drive engagement and increase upsell ancillary revenue

Guest Engagement

Create a lasting impression by automatically delivering personalised guest communications to your guests at the right time

Solution - Email Marketing CRM to streamline hotel's marketing efforts and drive direct bookings

Marketing CRM

Streamline your hotel's marketing for more targeted and personalised guest communication, driving increased direct bookings and guest loyalty.

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