KAI and Bookandlink Launch Integration

KAI and Bookandlink Launch Integration

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The integration between KAI and Bookandlink (Channel Manager) has opened up amazing opportunities for hotels to leverage on their Channel Manager’s reservation data. Hotels can now seamlessly automate targeted upselling of personalised offers to their guests using KAI. This will result in increased upsell revenue and guest experience.

With this partnership, KAI and Bookandlink’s customers will get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Guest journey automation via seamless integration between KAI and Bookandlink Channel Manager
  • Gather guests’ stay preferences prior to arrival so as to customise their stay with you
  • Targeted upselling of personalised upsell offers to pre-arrival and in-house guests to increase revenue and guest experience
  • Guest profile CRM to keep track of your guests’ stay history and preferences

To get started, a hotel using Bookandlink’s Channel Manager just needs to reach out to their account manager to request to use KAI. The team at KAI and Bookandlink will enable the interface. After which, you can immediately start creating amazing upsell offers for your guests.

For more information on how you can leverage this partnership to supercharge your upsell strategy, book a free demo with us.

About Bookandlink

Bookandlink was established in 2014 to assist customers and property owners in the travel and tourism industry. Our fast and reliable booking engine supports reservations through the Internet by allowing a customer to specify their specific travel requirements and needs. This also helps property owners to regain control of their online distribution and increase the direct booking capacity by obtaining new bookings and driving new business to their website.

About KAI

In the current landscape of the hotel industry, guests seek a distinct and tailor-made experience. The suite of guest experience solutions offered by KAI empowers hotels to redefine their guest experience, boost earnings, optimise marketing efforts and cultivate brand loyalty.

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