New Tag for Hotels on Google: COVID-19 Responder Policy

New Tag for Hotels on Google- COVID-19 Responder Policy

Add COVID-19 Responder tag for your hotel

Google has launched a new feature in Google My Business for hotels: COVID-19 Responder Policy. This feature allows hotels to add a special tag if they provide accommodation or discounts for healthcare professionals, frontline responders, and other essential workers.

Hotel business owners are able to set up this tag via their Google My Business listing in the Hotel Attributes section. (Admin role required)

Step 1: Log in to Google My Business and find Property details under Hotel Attributes

New tag for Hotels on Google: COVID-19-Responder Policy

Step 2: Edit category of “COVID-19-responder policy”

Select if your property has a special accommodation or discount for COVID-19 responders.

New tag for Hotels on Google: COVID-19-Responder Policy

After saving your changes, the new tag will be displayed on your hotel listing in google search.

New tag for Hotels on Google: COVID-19-Responder Policy
New tag for Hotels on Google: COVID-19-Responder Policy

Google is rolling out this feature progressively and not all hotels would be able to see this option yet. Check back on Google My Business in a couple of days if you are unable to see this option. This will help your hotel gain more exposure while potential guests are searching for hotels.

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