Why Should Hotels Prepare for Digital Transformation During a Crisis

Why Should Hotels Prepare for Digital Transformation During a Crisis

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Why should your hotel prepare for digital transformation to embrace the new norms?

If you have not already known, we are in very unusual times right now. The travel industry has been one of the most affected industries in the world. Many countries have closed their borders and imposed stricter travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

I am sure one of the most common phrases you have been hearing these few days would be “things will be back to normal soon”. As a matter of fact, things will not be back to normal. The situation will get better but new norms will emerge. Wearing masks in public areas even though you might not be sick is one such example.

WIT - The 7 Stages to the New Norm
Credits: The 7 Stages to the New Norm

“We – yes all of us – will have to go through a cycle of pain. How we manage the quantitative aspects of this crisis will depend on what our future looks like. I have therefore prepared a chart of the seven stages we must pass through.” – Timothy O’Neil-Dunne

So why is it so important for a hotelier to prepare their hotel for the new norms using digital transformation?

1. The decision making process of your guests has been altered

It is a fact that there are now additional factors which your potential guest will take into consideration before making a reservation at your hotel. Such factors include cleanliness, safety, peace of mind, etc.

2. Guest behaviour and expectations have changed

How your guest behave and what they expect from your hotel has changed. Guests might be looking for a more contactless approach when it comes to hospitality. Guests might expect to know how their room was cleaned and sanitised when they check-in.

3. Leverage on the free time that you have now to make positive changes for your hotel

As a hotelier, time is precious. During normal times, you would already be so busy during your entire workday to perform your regular tasks. During this lull period where your hotel is running on such low or no occupancy, take this opportunity to make positive changes. Whether it’s that long awaited renovation, rebranding or adopting new technologies to be more efficient.

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