[Webinar] A Pragmatic Approach to Hotel Revenue Management

Webinar - A Pragmatic Approach to Hotel Revenue Management

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It is essential for your hotel to practice a pragmatic approach to revenue management. This is especially true during recovery times. Finding a realistic revenue strategy to adopt for your hotel will help set the foundations for a stronger future.

In this hour-long webinar, we have industry experts from various solution providers. They will provide valuable insights, so your hotel can create an end-to-end revenue strategy that works for you.

Watch Mr Leo Tan (Co-founder of KAI), Ms Josefina Coleman (Director of Revenue Management of Hyatt Hotels Corporation), Mr Erik Muñoz (Chief Commercial Officer of Lybra) and Ms Nika Indunan (Business Development Manager of SiteMinder) discuss how hotels can practice a pragmatic approach towards revenue management. Opening remarks will be delivered by Mr Thomas Wenger (Senior Vice President of Enderun Hospitality Management) and moderated by Ms Rachelle Estalilla.

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