How Can Hoteliers Prepare for the Contactless Guest Experience

How Can Hoteliers Prepare for the Contactless Guest Experience

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COVID-19 has brought about many changes in the travel industry and the way people would travel in the future. To find out more about some of these new norms, read our article on Post COVID-19: What Are Some Emerging New Norms for Hotels.

Of the many new norms that have emerged during this pandemic, the one which is most salient in our minds is Social Distancing. Also known as “physical distancing”, means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home. Even after COVID-19 has passed, social distancing would still be ingrained in people’s minds for a foreseeable period of time.

Therefore, hotels should make changes to their guest engagement SOP to adapt to this change. Going digital and creating a contactless guest engagement will not only reduce physical contact but also increase the entire guest experience for your guests.

A Contactless Guest Experience does not only start when your guests are in-house but begin the minute a traveller makes a reservation at your hotel.


Many hotels today are still using the reactive approach when it comes to guest engagement. Which in fact, they should be taking a proactive approach to guest engagement regardless of where their bookings are coming from (Direct, OTAs, etc.).

By being proactive, it opens the door for opportunity for your hotel to create a contactless guest experience. You would be able to collect more details about your guests prior to arrival to decrease your check-in times. This also creates a unique opportunity for you to increase upsell revenue by offering personalised upsell offers to your guests.

Doing it manually is definitely an option. But it is prone to human errors and you would be limited to how personalised these upsell offers would be. A solution like KAI can help you in your first steps to creating a contactless guest experience.


When your guests arrive at your hotel, it is very important to ensure they know about your hotel’s facilities. Traditionally, most hotels achieve this through the front office during check-in or a physical compendium in the room. With guests looking to minimise physical contact with hotel staff and hotel collaterals, their own mobile devices are their primary source of information. Therefore, providing your guests with a mobile concierge they can access anytime on their own mobile devices can create a contactless guest experience.

Additionally, via a mobile concierge, you now have the opportunity to promote upsell offers to your guests online. Upsell offers such as spa treatments, F&B promotions or tours and activities. Resulting in an overall increase in guest experience and RevPAG.

Looking to create a Contactless Guest Experience for your hotel?

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Full Guide on Preparing Your Hotel for Digital Transformation During a Crisis

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