Facebook Shops Makes It Easier for Hotels to List Ancillary Services for Sale


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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday announced Facebook Shops, which will make it easier for companies to list their products on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Shops, which is free, will let businesses set up product listings on their Facebook Page, Instagram profile, Stories or in ads, the company announced. In the future, Facebook Shops will also allow businesses to sell products to customers through the chat features of WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct. They’ll also be able to tag products during Facebook and Instagram livestreams, so customers can click on the tags and be taken to a product ordering page. 

A study of guests online behaviour by KAI Hotel Solutions says, guests will prepare for their coming trip by searching for more information about the destination, activities they are interested in and accommodation they are going to stay 2-4 weeks prior to arrival. Social media, blogs and hotel direct emails are the popular methods where they can find this information.

With the launch of Facebook Shops, hotels have the opportunity to sell their attractive services and products. Hotels can also showcase their popular F&B, Spa or Activity products in Facebook or Instagram posts and tag Facebook Shops’ products.

Facebook Shops makes it easier for hotels to list ancillary services for sale

KAI Hotel Solutions also announced an integration with Facebook Shops. Allowing its client hotels to push ancillary services and products to Facebook Shops from KAI product catalogue without additional manual work. The integration will also keep the Price, Description, Inclusion and T&C of your products synchronised.

Hotels may enable Facebook Shops feature in KAI dashboard and follow the self-setup instructions to complete the configuration. 

Facebook Shops will start to roll out this week and become more widely available over the coming months, KAI is one of first hotel technology companies rolling out this feature to help hotels gain additional distribution channels for their ancillary services.

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