Engage Your Guests Before They Arrive at Your Hotel

Engage Your Guests Before They Arrive at Your Hotel

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How to Engage Your Guests Before They Arrive at Your Hotel

  • Pre-arrival Emails
  • Personalised Communication
  • Targeted Upsell Offers

The guest experience starts prior to arrival. Making sure guests feels welcomed is one of the top responsibilities of a hotelier. But the guest experience should not be confined within the hotel. Before your guest arrives at your hotel, you should be marketing your hotel facilities and upsell offers to them.

There many reasons why you should be engaging your pre-arrival guests. So, here are 3 tips that hotels must incorporate to engage guests before they arrive at your hotel.

1. Pre-arrival Emails

Prior to your guest arriving, you can prepare informative emails to engage your guests and allow them to know more about your hotel. Pre-arrival emails can contain useful information such as check-in timings, available amenities or facilities, shuttle service schedule, the local weather, etc.

Proactively engaging your guest before they arrive in your hotel immediately creates a communication channel between you and your guest. This leads to an increase in guest experience and satisfaction.

2. Personalised Communication

Personalised communication is way more effective in engaging your guests before they arrive at your hotel. It is as simple as addressing your guests by their real names and introducing personalised upsell offers based on their interest and purpose of their holiday.

Knowing your guest’s interests or if they are a return guest is important in personalising a unique experience for each individual guest. Only doing so, your hotel will be set apart from the rest.

3. Targeted Upsell Offers

It is very important to sell the right experiences to the right guests at the right time. Prior to your guest arriving at your hotel, they are in the itinerary planning phase and are looking for unique experiences to enhance their holiday. This would be the perfect time to engage your guests before they arrive to offer targeted personalised upsell offers.

A guest going to your hotel for a honeymoon is more likely to purchase a couples massage or romantic dinner for 2. As for a guest going to your hotel on a family getaway is more likely to purchase activities or tours.

Creating a pre-arrival guest engagement strategy to engage your pre-arrival guests requires many moving parts. This where KAI can help you increase revenue and guest experience through upselling via personalised guest journey engagement.

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