Empowering Hotels

With KAI, hotels have the opportunity to increase revenue and guest experience throughout the entire guest journey via upselling

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate people that strives to help hotels improve what they do best, provide their guests with a great place to stay and an awesome experience.

But hotels are not technology companies, they are not in the business of creating tech to engage their guests. That’s where we excel in, we want to provide hotels the upselling tools to improve their guest experience and increase revenue through effectively engaging their guests.

Hoteliers are consistently trying to increase revenue through guest engagement and we believe there’s a huge potential. We stand together with these hoteliers and empower them with the right tools to achieve their business goals.

Our Mission

Enable hotels to increase revenue and guest experience through upselling and personalised guest engagement

Our Vision

Give hotels the competitive advantage using technology to optimise revenue streams and increase guest experience

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